Downlights Technology

Our reputation is based on the reliability and functionality of our innovative products. By offering market leading guarantees and warranties, technical support, dedicated customer service and marketing backup, we aim to make it easy for customers to specify and install sustainable lighting.


We are fully committed to improving environmental performance across all of our manufacturing and other business activities, continually looking for new methods and materials to provide environmentally friendly solutions. 



This is the new integrated downlight, specially made for engineering project. Firstly, old downlight lamp body is only one color finished, but our engineer add an inner ring in the downlight and it has several colors for choice like golden, silver, black and white, other colors can be customized. Also the driver with constant current and smart IC is in the bottom of the lamp, and there is a PC housing to protect the driver. In this way, this integrated downlight can meet the demand of using, and at the same time can also be an ornament. 



Industrial PC housing, no deformation and no fading, also PC is insulated, safe and reliable. Normal products are made of aluminum or iron housing, it is not 100% insulated and easy to get rusty and oxidized after using for some time. This is one of the biggest difference between PC and metal. 



Taiwan imported SMD5730 chip, 50-55LM/PC, and PMMA diffusion plate, light transmittance up to 95%. So you can see the whole lamp is very bright, it is also anti-glare, anti-fog and dust proof. 



The radiator is made of aviation aluminum and it’s thickened. The weight of the radiator of 12w downlight is up to 20 grams, you can touch it. Inside part of the radiator is designed as sunflower shape, increases the area of contacting with air. Such air convection design will no doubt have better heat dissipation.

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